24-Hour Residential Services

Developmental and Intellectual 24-hour Group Homes.

Behavior Professional Support Services

Behavioral in-home, community, employment and residential services. Short and long-term and crisis Behavioral Support plans, training, and implementation.

OIS Instructional Courses

OIS Instructional Courses

In-Home Comprehensive Care Services

In home services for aging individuals. To help individuals maintain independence while in need of comprehensive supports to receive service in their current residence.

Community Living Supports

Adult and child In-Home supports including
Behavioral and Oregon Intervention Services, support, training, and implementation.

Employment Services (assisted employment)

Supported employment services for adults with disabilities.

Intellectual/Developmental Disabilities, Senior and Aging Populations, and Mental Health

A variety of services offered to individuals who qualify for State funded Mental Health supports, but who do not qualify under supports for Developmental Disabilities Services.