Description: Registered Nurses (RN).: RN’s must work with other RN positions/agencies outside of ICLS and are considered Independent Contractors contracted for services rendered through ICLS. The RN will possess the knowledge and skills necessary to assist individuals accordingly.


  • Current Registered Nurse (RN) license (OR)

  • Current CPR certification required

  • Associates Degree in Nursing (A.D.N) from accredited school of nursing required; Bachelor of Science in Nursing (B.S.N) preferred; three-year diploma from accredited diploma program may be substituted for nursing degree

  • A desire to deliver care in an empathetic, compassionate way.

  • Experience assessing, trouble shooting and making sound recommendations in stressful situations

  • Someone who thrives in an environment that is constantly changing and will face new challenges head-on

  • Excellent communication skills to listen and communicate with patients and teammates

  • Basic computer skills and proficiency in MS Word and Outlook required; functional proficiency in all computer systems of ICLS within 90 days of hire

  • Have at least two years of professional or management experience in a health-related field or program or have completed a training program approved by the Oregon Health Authority


These specifications are general guidelines based on the minimum ordinarily considered essential to satisfactory performance in this position. Individual skills and abilities may result in some deviation from these guidelines.

  • Have a strong commitment to the people supported by ICLS, LLC and our Mission & Values.

  • Commitment and dedication to learn and improve skills.

  • Ability in meeting deadlines and taking great pride in high quality of work.

  • Ability to participate and contribute to functional teams with positive interactions.

  • Commitment for high expectations for themselves, people they supervise and co-workers.

  • Ability to advocate on behalf of individuals served.

  • Ability to effectively communicate both orally and in writing.

  • Ability to work independently and make mature ethical business decisions and address multiple priorities.

  • Ability to problem solve and be a self-starter.

  • Project an image of patience, professionalism, and expertise in all setting to individuals, families, other team members, partners, providers and the community.

Essential Responsibilities:

  • Providing an annual nursing assessment and ongoing assessments as needed.

  • Writing Nursing Care Plans annually and reviewing and updating it routinely or as the person’s health changes.

  • Development and Training of all Direct Staff in regard to any assessments and/or care plans.

  • Monitor health conditions according to established timelines, but no less than monthly.

  • Annual Review and Renewal.

  • Review of written protocol instructions for Direct Staff to ensure compliance with Nursing Care Plans.

  • Delegation and Training of staff and individuals according to OAR 851-047-0030 and 0040.

  • Assisting in determining if the program can safely care for an individual when there is a change in health condition. Example: assessing a person’s health supports prior to their discharge from the hospital.

Administrative Responsibilities

  • Have at least two years of professional or management experience in a health-related field or program or have completed a training program approved by the Division

  • An administrator or designee shall be accessible and available during all hours in which services are being provided to clients and must be able to be on site at the parent agency location within a timely manner as needed. An administrator shall assign, in writing, a qualified designee to act as administrator in his or her temporary absence

  • An administrator or designee shall be responsible for:

    1. Organizing and directing the agency’s ongoing functions;
    2. Developing and implementing written and current policies and procedures necessary to direct the administrative, personnel, and client care operations of the agency, including but not limited to the requirements in these rules;
    3. Ensuring the completeness and accuracy of all information provided to the public regarding the agency and its services;
    4. Ensuring the provision of safe and appropriate services in accordance with written service plans;
    5. Ensuring that all individuals providing services for the agency meet the qualification, orientation, competency, training, and education requirements in the rules;
    6. Ensuring that personnel and client care practices are consistent with the agency’s written policies and procedures;
    7. Ensuring that client care assignments are based on the caregiver’s abilities, skills, and competence;
    8. Ensuring that the agency does not accept or retain clients for whom it does not have the capabilities or resources to provide services;
    9. Ensuring the timely internal investigation of complaints, grievances, accidents, incidents, medication or treatment errors, and allegations of abuse or neglect involving individuals providing services for the agency. An agency shall maintain in its records documentation of the complaint or event, the investigation, the results, and actions taken;
    10. Ensuring the timely reporting of allegations of abuse or neglect to the appropriate authority that includes but is not limited to the Department of Human Services, Oregon Health Authority, Public Health Division, or local law enforcement agency.

Supervisory Responsibilities:

  • This position includes supervisory responsibilities.


  • Attend team meetings as required.


  • This is an hourly position starting at approximately 2-5+ hours per week at $25-45 per hour depending on experience.

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